The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

Going Through A Terrible Divorce But Need The Stuff You Left Behind? Call Movers Today

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Divorce can be a tricky and complicated time, but if you have to get what the judge determined is yours out of your old home and you don't have anywhere to put it yet, you need full service residential movers and a storage unit. Luckily, you may be able to get both at the same time, and you won't have to worry about complications. Here are some of the things to do so you can figure out how to get things out of the residence and ready for you to use.

Get Moving Estimates

Get a quote from a local moving company for the things that you need moved. When you tell them what items will be getting moved they will give you an estimate based on the time it will take to move everything or based on the specific items.

If you can't get into the property for them to do an in-person estimate, it may be difficult to get an exact cost. Make sure when you get an estimate you are comparing the costs, insurance options with each company, and the packaging procedure they will use.

Look for Small Storage Options

A storage unit is an easy solution for storing the items if you don't have a new place to live. You want to look for these things:

  • Storage company associated with the moving company that can offer both services
  • A temperature controlled storage unit
  • Short team lease option for the storage unit if you don't need a year or more
  • Facility with good security

You want to have your storage unit lined up before the movers are ready to arrive so they know where they are taking the belongings.

Arrange a Time with the Court

If your ex-spouse is being very difficult and you are having a hard time communicating with them what day will be good to get the items out of the property, go through your lawyers and set the date with the approval of the judge. This way there are no delays or complications when the movers are paid for and ready to pick up the items.

You don't have to set foot in the house to get the items that were awarded to you in the divorce if you don't want to, and if you hire movers to do the work for you. Find the right professional movers and storage facility for the job.


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The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

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