The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

3 Questions To Ask Before Your Local Move Day Arrives

Russell King

Are you ready for your local move? Your moving day is growing closer and closer. But you're not sure if you've covered all of your bases. If you haven't checked every must-do item off your list or you're just not sure which prep steps you still need to follow, take a look at some questions to ask right now.

Did You Hire a Local Moving Company?

A solo move isn't always the easiest option. Even though you might think the DIY version can save you money, you may still need to pay for a rental truck, rental equipment (such as a dolly), and packing materials. This means your do-it-yourself move is far from free—and you're still stuck with all the heavy lifting. 

Instead of risking an injury and wasting valuable time on a DIY move, hire a professional. Not only will this eliminate the need to rent a vehicle or moving equipment, it also reduces the likelihood that you'll need to ask your friends and family members to pitch in and help. This can save you some serious cash in pizza (or similar meal-bribe) fees and help keep your close relationships intact.

Did You Gather the Right Packing Materials?

You have a few extra boxes left over from your appliance or large electronics purchases. But are these the only moving containers you'll need? It's possible you could fit everything you need to move into a few cardboard boxes. It's also possible you'll need several more of these boxes, a few plastic bins, bubble wrap, bags, moving quilts, tape, and other packing materials. 

If your move is nearing and you're not ready to pack, now is the time to shop for these items. While you may need to buy some packing materials (such as tape, labels, and permanent markers), you can reuse old cardboard boxes and upcycle towels, sheets, or other pieces of fabric into protective padding. 

Did You Separate the Items You'll Carry With You?

Everything you own shouldn't go into the moving truck. Some items are too sensitive, important, expensive, or fragile to part with—even for a move that's only across town. Keep credit cards, checkbooks, your passport, anything that should belong in your wallet, and jewelry with you. Along with these items, pack medications, important documents, and some basic toiletries into a moving essentials bag. This bag will stay with you throughout the moving process. 

For more information or help about planning your local move, contact a moving company in your area. 


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The Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Professional, Moving Company

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